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Help Malaysia Lose
1 Million Kg in 6 Weeks.

#1jutakg is a nationwide project to collectively lose 1 million kg.
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We are the MOST obese country in Asia.

Malaysia needs your help!

Hi my name is Kevin Zahri, and most of you know me as Cikgu Fitness, but above all, I am a Malaysian who is fighting for a healthier and "lighter" Malaysia. In this fight, I need YOUR help.

Join me in a nationwide movement to lose 1 million kg in six weeks called #1jutakg. It is a free nationwide movement that starts on 5th September 2015, and you can be a part of the program to help and encourage those around you.

Currently, Malaysia has the highest obesity rate in Asia. It is a problem that affects all layers of society. It doesn’t matter what differences we have among race, culture or political preference. No one can deny that Malaysia is obese - and we must all play a part to help her lose weight, especially for our future generations. Even today the obesity rate among children is appalling, and if we do not lead by example, they will walk a certain path to obesity.

Lets lead by example

We are all leaders and we must lead by example. It’s your life, our nation. Let’s work together for a lighter Malaysia.

Step 1:
Pledge Your Kilos

Between now and 5th September, help pledge the number of kilos you plan to contribute. This will help us gauge the total contribution.

Step 2:
6 Week Challenge

Begin your own weight loss challenge for you and your group from the 5th Sept until the 19th October 2015.

Step 3:
Submit Your Results

Submit your total kg lost after the 19th October 2015. We will be providing an easy submission form here.

and we will support your efforts!
Become an Ambassador
free 100 weight loss tips ebook

To compliment your efforts we will be launching a free eBook here on 17 Aug.

corporate wellness guide

Make the #1jutakg campaign as part of your corporate wellness initiative.

free learning resources

We will also be posting plenty of healthy tips and videos via our social media pages, email etc


Download logo, banners and artwork to help you spread our efforts.

Who and How to Get Involved?

If you feel passionate about health and believe in our cause,  join us in becoming a #1jutakg ambassador.

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Individuals & Friends

Whether you are a fitness enthusiast or need help yourself, sign up and help those around you. Or we can hook you with friends who need help too.

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Obesity is a huge problem among children in Malaysia. If you are a parent or a sibling, sign up your family and change together.

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Bring #1jutakg into your workplace and make it part of your corporate wellness programs. Best of all, its free and we will guide you.

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Fitness Trainer

Are you a personal trainer, bootcamp instructor or online fitness guru? Make #1jutakg part of your program and help fight obesity together.

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Are you a famous actress, singer or TV personality? Why not use your awesome influence to help your followers stay healthy and fit.

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We want you too. Obesity affects everyone. We welcome everyone to join our cause, even if you are a non-Malaysian staying in Malaysia.

Become a #1jutakg Ambassador

If does not matter is you want to help yourself, your family or those around you. Every KG counts.

— Kevin Zahri, kevinzahri.com
Try and bring #1jutakg to as many people as possible.

* We will be sending you more information and supporting material. We don’t share your personal info with anyone.

Do you know a Malaysian leader who should lose some weight?

Sign our online petition at change.org to get him/her to contribute to #1jutakg

What is #1jutakg? 

#1jutakg is a nationwide project created by Kevin Zahri to get the whole nation to lose 1 million kg in 6 weeks.

Is this a government project?


Are there any sponsors?

No. We welcome sponsors to contribute by bringing the #1jutakg 6 week challenge into their organisations. Please sign up for more information.

How many participants are needed?

To have a realistic shot at reaching 1,000,000kg in 6 weeks, we need around 300,000 participants.

What is #1jutakg fails to reach 1Million kg?

Than we try again.

What is the real objective of #1jutakg?

To move a nation and empower Malaysians to take the fight for obesity into their own hands.

Still have questions?
Tweet @1jutakg for answers or call Kaka at 019 282 7820

Free eBook:
100 Weight Loss Quick Tips

To assist you along your journey to help Malaysia fight obesity, we prepared an awesome 26 page weight loss eBook guide. It will be emailed to you after you have successfully pledged your kilos.

Pledge Your Kilos.
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